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Here at United Metals and Glass we are experienced in all forms of commercial, industrial and manufacturing construction. Click below to see some of the many projects we've completed. Our portfolio includes offices, theatres, retail office buildings, educational facilities, auto dealerships, and much more.

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Located At: 106 South State Street Hackensack, NJ, 07601

United Metals & Glass is an advanced and versatile engineering / construction company that has been providing their far-reaching community with quality craftsmanship, cost control, and punctual performance since the year 2006. Located in Hackensack, New Jersey, our company is licensed to accept contracts in the following states: New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. UMG has a proven track record in the glass and glazing industry and has worked with many contractors throughout the tristate area.

Our organization primarily operates in the glass and glazing industry; we also conduct business within the building materials, hardware, garden supplies and mobile homes industry. At United Metals & Glass we focus on forming strong relationship with each of our manufacturers – keeping our prices competitive on any job. The project manager constantly oversees the project ensuring the job is completed quickly and efficiently. President, James Gardner successfully leads his team to surpass projected end-of-year-goals year after year. As a result, each year our company builds credibility, manage more clients’, and utilize more resources. UMG maintains all aspects of a project in house with CAD design, project management, and shop facilities.

As a union shop, we bring experienced field personnel to your projects in all installation service aspects of windows, curtain walls, doors, and glazing. Our relationships with major manufacturers and distributors keeps us competitive on bid day, and allows you options at purchasing time to make your projects as affordable as possible. CAD design engineers at UMG are highly educated and intelligent individuals who have the ability and care to think about all the details of your project that make a difference to you and the public. Your best interest is the top priority when they are designing for you. Smart people do business with other smart people. Tried and true experts have perfected the art of working with the reliable materials from our reputable vendors. All your goals are always met by UMG with this flawless formula to provide our customers the best industrial installation service in Hackensack, NJ.

United Metals & Glass is most masterful at industrial installation. Our most recent projects we completed in Hudson, New Jersey, the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Station and North Hudson Community College, are very well-done functionally, aesthetically pleasing, and meets all regulations. Our full portfolio includes offices, theatres, retail office buildings, educational facilities, auto dealerships, banks and much more.

If you need a building or installation put up in the tristate area, United Metals & Glass is such a great decision because we offer a fabulous variety of designs and materials of doors, glass, metals, and more. Together we can make our world even more beautiful and utilitarian! Call, Email, or visit United Metals & Glass on Facebook and Twitter!


Our goal is to provide quality work, outstanding customer service, and the ability to compete at competitive rates.
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Jim Gardner

Chief Executive Officer

There are many aspects about Jim Gardner’s character and personality that make him a very good leader for UMG. He maintains awareness of…. Read More

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James Acosta

Project Manager

James Acosta manages the projects that make the company reputable and successful. He works within time limits and has to stay within a budget. His roles typically includes….. Read More

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Chris Gibbs

Administrative Assistant

Chris Gibbs maintains the line of communication between United Metals & Glass and their customers and vendors. As the front line of the organization, he has a lot of responsibility…. Read More

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Daniel Mautone


The primary task of accountants, which extends to all the others, is to prepare and examine financial records. Daniel Mautone is the brain of United Metals & Glass… Read More


United Metals & Glass offers some wonderful extra installation services that can be a huge bonus to your industrial installation. We offer custom silkscreen glazing done to the highest standards in the glazing industry. Custom silkscreen glazing can add a lot to the vibe of your building, and the artistic originality can be used to make a statement too. We install heavy tempered interiors for those who want to open a space up, but still want to keep it protected. It really is the best of both worlds. UMG installs sound abatement. We use the most effective materials to sound-proof for optimal privacy/seclusion. We also offer sunshade installation if that is necessary for the windows in your building.


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